Monson New Hampshire: Ghost Village USA

yellow fuzzy caterpillar

Window view MonsonWho knew there was an old ghost town in the middle of Milford and Hollis New Hampshire? We sure didn’t until Bill’s sister told us about it! What a cool place! And secluded. It took a bit for us to find the location. Trip Advisor had us on the right road (483 Federal Hill Road) but not at the actual destination. Luckily, there are still some helpful pedestrians around and a gentleman on his lawn mower volunteered directions to us. We never would have found it otherwise. It’s where the tar ends and the dirt begins on Federal Hill Road.

Honestly, you would have no idea this place exists. There are no signs and the old road has a chain across it. The only indication we were in the right place was the dirt parking area. We cut in around the chain and walked down a hill on dirt road. About a 1/4 mile in, the woods opened up to Monson Village. I can see why in 1737, settler’s landed here. Beautiful.

Monson, New Hampshire was one of New Hampshire’s first European inland settlements. Due to disagreement on where to put their meeting house and much of the area being barren, the village dissolved in 1770. In the beginning Monson Village covered over 17,000 acres. Today, what remains is 269 acres of trails, fields, cellar holes. One lone building stands in the center of town.


Monson Village in Hollis, NH
Looking down the main road of Monson Village
Picnic spot in Monson New Hampshire
Monson is a gorgeous place for a picnic. The fields look like they could go on forever.
yellow fuzzy caterpillar
This yellow fuzzy and furry caterpillar is called an Acronicta Americana, aka American Dagger Moth Caterpillar.
Window view Monson
Looking out the window across the fields of Monson the way those who lived there over 200 years ago must have done.
Chris trying on the bonnet
Chris trying on the garb.
Ghost Quest Certificate
The Town of Monson is a certified haunted town by Ghost Quest! We didn’t see any ghosts thank goodness!
Bill and Robbie at Monson Center
Bill and Robbie were too afraid of the haunted house so they waited outside.
Dr Brown sign
Monson had a doctor and you can see the cellar hole where his house once was. It was interesting to both of us to see all the paths, from every direction, leading to his house. I imagine back then, he was the most popular.
Thomas Nevins Junior of Monson NH
Each dwelling had a plaque telling of the person’s life. We were impressed that many of them had 8 or more children like this one for Deacon Thomas Nevins Junior.
Path view at Monson Village
There are trails all over Monson Village. This particular trail leads to swampy area and eventually water.
Monson Village Fall Image
The colors were gorgeous the day we visited Monson
Rock wall view at Monson
Rock Walls are everywhere in Monson. We reflected on how many hours, days, weeks, months it must have taken to clear all their land… only to leave it all behind.

If you are in the Hollis or Milford New Hampshire and looking for things to do, put this on your list! It’s a great easy hike for all members in your family. We’ve been there a couple times now and it’s never overpopulated, always beautiful and the house has been open each time. There is no admission cost for the house or the trails. And as I mentioned above, it’s the perfect spot for a picnic!

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