Magical Moments on the Cape

Chevy Vega

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz at Sandwich, MA public libraryOne of the best things about traveling together is we can do what we want, when we want, and when it’s just the two of us, we are in our own romantic world. And together, we are unstoppable. This is how this last trip to Cape Cod was.

We have a lot of people ask us how we do it.

“How can you travel together and never fight?”

“How can you travel together, spend every minute together, and always have so much fun?”

It’s an easy answer. We GIVE as much as we take… actually we give more than we take. Our trips are never about our personal needs and when you put each other first, well, how could it go wrong?

Eastham, MA on Cape Cod is a great little town! And our deal from Living Social was unbeatable. We had a 2 night stay at Town Crier Motel, bottle of wine, a delicious breakfast buffet each morning, lobster dinner for two, all day bicycle rental for two, and 2 icecream cones all for just $240! Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE a good LivingSocial Deal?


Bicyling on Cape Cod
Bicycling 18.85 miles on the Cape Cod Rail Trail & Coast Guard Beach Trail
Flat Tire Bicycle
Minor set back. Glad it was a flat tire and not that I was an incredibly weak bicyclist
On the CCRT in Wellfleet, MA
Happily on our way to Wellfleet, MA – the end of the Cape Cod Rail Trail
Coast Guard Beach in Eastham MA
Coast Guard Beach looks like it goes on forever
Coast Guard Beach
More of Coast Guard Beach
Coast Guard Beach lookout area
Us at the lookout of Coast Guard Beach
Town Crier Motel
Town Crier Motel had a giant on the loose…
Lobster dinner at Lobster Shanty
Lobster Dinner at the Lobster Shanty was included in our Living Social deal!
Blue Lobster Claw
Blue Lobster Claw is rare. We learned this at the Maine Aquarium
Nauset Lighthouse
Nauset Lighthouse
Chevy Vega
Bill’s first car…
Little Chick at mini golf course in Eastham MA
The biggest peep ever!
Dino ride from Flintstones
Dino from the Flintstones is as happy as Bill!
Ben & Jerry's Candy Bar Pie Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in Eastham MA, part of the Living Social deal!
Bill at Ben & Jerry's
Sometimes we don’t have anyone to take our picture for us
Windsurfer at First Encounter Beach
Windsurfer at First Encounter Beach in Eastham MA
Seagull at First Encounter Beach
The fattest seagull living large at First Encounter Beach
Kite surfing
The coolest thing we’ve ever seen! Kite surfing at First Encounter Beach
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz at Sandwich, MA public library
Having fun in Sandwich MA, one of our favorite Cape Cod towns, on our way back home.
You know all is right with the world when the rainbow ends over your house.

You can bet any time we are traveling together, we are exploring. We are like two little kids, living for the moment! And when it’s on the coast, it adds that much more to it!

What’s your favorite place to wander to? Mountains, plains, sea…

If you’ve missed it, check out some of our other Coastal Trips.

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4 thoughts on “Magical Moments on the Cape”

  1. hi; well i can’t see your pictures but i can always feel your joy coming through. you certainly live in the moment and choose happiness. by the way could you email me more information on this living social. also, i’m in the market for a traveling companion a partner in crime so let me know if you hear of any nice sweet ladies with a sexy voice that would be interested in a tall 48 year old totally blind texan who makes his living selling amusement park rides, coaching, speaking, and writing. take care out there, Max

    1. Hi Max, Thanks for stopping by! The following is a link to our Resources we Use page that lists a lot of the things we use to save money, travel, try new things, etc. https://waywardwanderers.comresources-we-use/ Living Social and Groupon are our favorite of them. They offer discounts, 50% sometimes, for meals, tickets, hotels, and a lot more.
      I will also email you this link and my direct link to Living Social. I’ll keep you in mind if I meet any girls worthy of you. 🙂

  2. thanks for sending me the resource page link in the reply. will let you know what i think of their site while using speech to navigate it. and i like that line find someone worthy of you. i used to think find someone who would have me now i think of it as i am an amazing person who deserves only the best. 🙂 take care, max

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