Lakes, Rivers and Mountains: Mother Nature in Maine & New Hampshire

10475314_10203419441502330_133619295_oSarah’s 6th grade graduation, my brother’s birthday, and Father’s Day were plenty of reasons to head off to Maine for celebration! Like we need that many reasons to celebrate… LOL. It was awesome to be home again so soon after we were just there for Mother’s Day weekend.


The ride to Andover, Maine is about 3 hours long. The ride offers gorgeous views of mountains but that’s about it. Bill and Sarah (more Bill) were excited about seeing a moose on our way. I on the other hand felt it was no big deal. Growing up in the country, they are as common as shopping malls are to “city folk”. 🙂

We stopped at our FAVORITE restaurant in Gorham, New Hampshire, Mr. Pizza! I haven’t had bad food there yet and I’ve been dining there for a decade! Bill and Sarah are in agreement with me that the food is awesome. And the photo opportunities abound (see left).

Our first stop in Maine is mom’s house for a quick visit. Then off to my dad’s house to unload our luggage and Robbie before heading out again for the festivities!


10439599_10203425427051965_1566834878_nOn the way to my brother’s camp at Garland Pond, we stopped off to Coos Canyon in Byron, Maine. It’s a nice stop along the way and right on Route 17 on the way to Rangeley, Maine. The rocks are carved out from gallons and gallons of water rushing over them and the falls create some nice swimming holes. Brrr, it was still too cold to even try swimming though. We took in the scenery, walked on to the old one lane bridge, and went to the gift shop where Sarah got to try on angel wings… to see them, have a look on our Wayward Wanderers Facebook page at the album. Yup, that’s about it for that area, except for the close by Coos Canyon Campground and Cabins that were packed with four wheelers and other ATV’s. It’s definitely geared toward outdoors type people.


If we had more time we could have took a gold panning lesson and tried our luck, but we had a party to attend! Not a lot there but that’s nice – it keeps you focused on nature… and each other. <3





10439109_10203425363690381_2103499703_oSarah and Bill enjoyed kayaking from my brother’s camp on Garland Pond. I enjoyed hanging with my family and seeing all the little nieces and nephews. There are neighbors on both sides but luckily everybody knows everybody else and most of them were either gone or at the party with us. FUN!


When we left, it was getting dark already. We went through Andover and stopped at the cemetery to make sure Dad’s solar powered lantern was on. Bill and I both had been thinking about it for the past month, ever since we were home for Mother’s Day weekend. To our relief, it was on. And it made all of us feel good. It was so inviting…



10457240_10203425486213444_1985980068_oThe next morning we got up and started out early to celebrate Father’s Day for Bill. We planned on the Deluxe Diner in Rumford but it was closed so we went to Crossroads in Bethel. Before we left Rumford though, we stopped at Hotel Harris in Rumford. It’s a beautiful building from the early 1900’s that just got lost in the economic decline of the area. Now this hotel is no longer a hotel and instead small apartments.


It’s interior looks like its lost in time and we joked around that it is most likely haunted. On the second floor we found an old piano where Sarah played the theme song for The Flintstones. It was funny because the two obviously did not go together.



10479849_10203429229907034_1433252197_oAfter breakfast in Bethel, we continued on to New Hampshire and Mount Washington. Bill and I had been up years before but it was the first time for Sarah. We all agreed it was scarier on the way up than it was on the way down. As we climbed up, mile after mile, we felt the temperature drop and watched the clouds get closer and closer. We rolled down the windows and breathed in clouds but none of us floated…

When we reached the top, the temperature had gone from a warm 73 to a down right COLD 42! In awe of Mother Nature and her vastness, I think we were all put in check up there at 6,288 feet.

The decent was fun. We made a couple stops for Robbie to enjoy the clouds and fresh air. Ha, Robbie didn’t really want any part of it!


Once off the mountain, we weren’t sure what to do… All three of us wanted more exploration. Sarah has the “wander lust” in her blood too. Hmmm, what to do? I guess, lets take the long way back, avoid highways, and see what we see. That always works for us.


10469091_10203429209026512_321780811_oIt wasn’t long before we were stopping in Jackson, New Hampshire to explore their covered bridge, known as Honeymoon Bridge. It was built in 1875 by Charles Austin Broughton and his son Frank. I found the sidewalk an interesting touch as I’ve never seen a covered bridge with one. I later learned it was added on in 1930. I can see why as we had to hurry to get this picture of Sarah before another vehicle came along.

There is a great little country gift shop known as Flossie’s General Store just before the bridge where we perused a bit. They have everything from crafts to candy to Coca Cola in bottles! Ah, the joys of soda in bottles! It was a fun stop.


Next stop was the Red Fox Bar & Grille where Bill and I had a refreshing drink and Sarah had a piece of Carrot Cake. It seemed like a lot of work to find what we wanted but once we did, it was worth it! We were there at an odd time of day so we didn’t share the space with a lot of others. Or there could have been a ton of people and we would never have known it. How many rooms can one restaurant have?

It was one of those days we wished could just continue on. But all things must end…


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