Hampton Beach NH in the Off Season

Balloon Fun

Robbie at Hampton Beach Wow! Did we pick the time to go to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire! Not only was it off season but it was the first snow of the year! Brrrr! But So. Much. Fun. If you haven’t stayed at the Ashworth by the Sea, DO IT! Some of the rooms, like the one we stayed in, are ocean side and the view is incredible, especially in the middle of a storm!


When we booked this room through Groupon, we were thinking, “The weather will still be warm so we’ll walk the beach, check out the few shops that will surely be open, swim in the pool and just relax…” Sure, great idea if Mother Nature hadn’t decided to interject. But she always has a way of shaping how our trips go. This was no different and I have to say…


It was even more fun than if we had done the predictable… Predictable is too boring for these Wayward Wanderers!

The morning we were leaving for the ocean, we went for our normal walk at Mine Fall’s and saw this beautiful deer! Right in the middle of busy Nashua NH, just coming from it’s watering hole. Bill was able to get about 15 feet away from her. Obviously, not a deer from Maine as hunting season started on this day, November 1.

deer at Mine Fall's

Before leaving we stopped for balloons. The plan was to let them go on the beach. Isn’t that what everyone does when they go to the beach? Playing with the balloons was a highlight of this trip. If you follow us on Facebook, you know this already…
Balloon Fun

Christina Gammon with Balloons
We found this cool little motorcycle shop in North Hampton that we checked out. They had some beautiful new Triumphs. Sitting on this one inside the shop made us forget what the crazy weather was doing outside and made us long for one of our motorcycle trips.

Motorcycle in North Hampton NH

We were happy to stumble on to Betty’s Diner! Our friend Betty up in Maine (remember, we told you about Betty’s Booties?) would love this place: home cooking, around for 50+ years, and named after her. Don’t worry Betty, we got you a bumper sticker!

Betty's Diner

Robbie was born to be at the beach! This picture reminded us of him when we were on Prince Edward Island this summer. He was in his element, running the beach without a leash, dashing in and out of the waves… Poor guy, he didn’t do much of that this time on the coast.

Robbie watching the ocean

Always the joker! The 3rd floor of the Ashworth by the Sea is a perfect place to launch helium filled balloons. With the wind blowing, we could have launched from any point! Hopefully we will get a reply from this like we did our message in a bottle!

Balloon launch

Robbie with his balloon

Even Robbie got in on the balloon fun!

Robbie's signature for balloon release

We tried to walk on the beach but lasted only about 20 minutes on Saturday. The wind was so powerful and the sea so angry. It was our first real breath of cold weather this weekend but the pictures were worth it.

Angry ocean at Hampton Beach NH

Angry Atlantic Ocean

The view down Ocean Boulevard from our 3rd floor hotel room at Ashworth by the Sea. What a great day to visit their salt water pool and eat dinner IN at their restaurant, Breakers.

Ocean Boulevard in Hampton NH

Enjoy Life

Honestly, we wouldn’t change a thing about this trip! We were planning on exploring, shopping, spending money on silly things and instead we were able to focus on what matters. We laughed a lot. In fact, some of the best memories we have are from our $17 trip to the Family Dollar store and launching our balloons off the balcony. Real moments, those memories that will never leave our hearts often don’t cost anything but time.

To see all the “moments” check us out on Facebook.

What is your favorite memory that was free?


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