First Day of Summer 2014

Good friends, motorcycles, and ideal weather were the perfect trio for the first day of summer! We couldn’t have asked for a better time for our group loop through Southern New Hampshire and part of Vermont.

We all met at 10:00 am at the gas station near our house. Bill said it would have been a riot if we showed up on our bicycles. That joker! We should have done it! We started out  with 7 motorcycles and 10 people. Not a bad turn out for our first outing of the summer!

10301508_678068652248442_8917817255900210986_n10478177_679861242069183_5202032832198284222_nOur first destination was Otterbrook Dam in Keene, New Hampshire but to get there you have to go through Peterborough. It brought back memories to Bill and I about when I was stung during our Memorial Day trip the month before and we joked about taking the group for a side trip to pick up more Balsamic Vinegar from our new favorite store in Peterborough. We resisted the urge to stop though and carried on to the dam. Just before we got there, we pulled over to use the facilities at a gas station only to find it closed. No problem… for the boys, that is! Us girls, though, exercised control and we all went on to the dam. Ha, not the best place to make a stop without using the potty… a lake full of water and a gushing dam… but it was a great stop! The view was beautiful and many had never been there before.




Obviously the first stop after this was a BATHROOM. It was a funny little twist and detour around Keene to get to the bathroom and all 7 motorcycles did a U-ie to reach McDonald’s. I laughed when Paula, who was tailman, said “Wayward Wanderers wandering!”


10463986_679861382069169_2512144662560260168_nAfter this pit stop we continued on to Bellow Falls, Vermont. It was gorgeous weather and the roads were smooth as we headed to Donovan’s Bar and Grill. We walked in to a dark bar, expecting poor service but were we ever wrong! The food was SO GOOD and huge portions! It was nice to visit with everyone and hear of tales from other motorcycle trips they had gone on together. Many of the group had been riding together for years, a decade or more!


Once we were done there, we started back. We took Route 123 most of the way. It was beautiful but the winter had taken it’s toll on the road so a bit bumpier than expected.


10422561_679861625402478_7459656849482688919_nJust outside of Peterborough, we stopped for a coffee. At that point, we decided we were going to stop off in Peterborough after all. Some of the group left us, but six of us carried on. It was a relaxing time as we showed them our favorite oil and vinegar shop. Bill and I found it amusing that we ended up there after joking about it in the morning. But we were happy to replenish our supply of Balsamic Vinegar from Monadnock Oil & Vinegar Co. That stuff is amazing!


The day was chilly but when we stopped in Peterborough, the sun came out and it warmed up quite a bit. It was perfect for our stroll around town. A few of the people we were with had only rode in for a quick bite to eat at the diner so they had never seen all the cool spots there. It was really nice to meander around.


After Peterborough, we all parted ways. I have to say it was a great day. Bill is such a great motorist that I could really relax. The group we were with are genuine type of people so we could all just enjoy one another the day. I can’t wait for the next time!

For more photos, visit our album on Facebook!

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