Family Camping Trip Success: what you need to know

For an affordable and family-orientated holiday, you can’t beat taking them to the great outdoors for a camping trip. Even though it may seem relatively straight forward, it is very important that you put plenty of planning and research into what will be best for your family camping trip to ensure you have the best trip possible.

First and foremost, you need to choose the right pitch. There are various options to choose from depending how basic you want to be or if you decide that a few modern extras thrown in there. For the simplest of pitches, you can be allocated a certain patch of grass to just put your tent. If you want to combine the basic aspect of camping but need a few home comforts included, then having a grass patch with a hook-up for electrical goods such as kettle, mobile phone and anything else that takes your fancy is could be the right option. Finally, with those who maybe aren’t the most outdoorsy can try their hand at glamping or sleeping in “pods”. These are more expensive than your normal pitches and include camping beds and other amenities.

Once you have chosen what pitch you are going to opt for, then the next major decision is going to be what campsite you will stay at. There is an incredible number out there so this is where your planning and research become important. Have a look on TripAdvisor as a reliable source of feedback. If you have any friends of family that enjoy a camping trip, then definitely pick their brain for any advice. To ensure an enjoyable trip for all involved then this article provides a more detailed guide into what you need to factor in when planning a family camping holiday.

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