“Fall”ing for Wayward Wanderers

Fall Leaf Rose

10710534_733942833327690_4885848943886999766_nFall is without a doubt our favorite time of year. I know many of you agree. The drop in temperature, the slowing of warm weather activities and the foliage all have our spirits high. This season we haven’t gone too far from home but we’ve seen a lot. We have been drinking in the scenery on our morning walks and our Sunday drives until we are full. The beauty is indescribable and the foliage, although fading now, is what has me writing this post this morning.


And I had do it justice…


Check out some of these beautiful pictures we’ve taken this fall along our travels and around our home:


Portland Back Cove
Portland, Maine Back Cove from my birthday weekend.


Nauset Lighthouse
Nauset Lighthouse from our Magical Moments on Cape Cod


You know all is right with the world when the rainbow ends over your house.


Fall Leaf Rose
DIY Fall Leaf Rose from Sisters Know Best Fall Leaf tutorial


Mine Fall's Park
Mine Fall’s Park Trail System in the Fall


Sullivan's Apple Orchard
Sullivan’s Apple Orchard in Nashua NH


Beaver Brook Mushrooms
Mushrooms at Beaver Brook


Hudson, NH
Center of town on the common in Hudson, NH


Mine Fall’s Park Trail System Nature


Heaven's stairs
They look like stairs going up to heaven… our heaven.


Eastham MA
Fall in Eastham, MA on Cape Cod


Mine Fall's Canal
Fall along the canal in Mine Fall’s Park


Monson NH
Monson NH, a colonial settlement that existed from 1737-1770 – the view from a window of the only remaining dwelling


Mine Fall's Trail System
The road less traveled


Gorgeous Fall Morning at Mine Fall's Park
The pick of the shots this season. A huge hit on Facebook


Rustic bicycle display in fall
Rustic bicycle display just feet away from the Cape Cod Rail Trail


Bill with balloons
Balloon fun on our way to Hampton Beach


Deer in Nashua, NH
A deer without fear on the first day of hunting season.


It’s been a great season for us. And we are excited about rolling through the rest of the seasons together and with you, our readers.

What’s your favorite season?

For the complete “Fall”ing for Wayward Wanderers photo album, visit our Facebook album.

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