Edwin McCain & Chris Nathan Rock Blue Ocean Music Hall

Edwin McCain

Edwin McCainNormally the opening act at a concert is mediocre compared to the main attraction but lately we’ve been lucky. This time was more than luck, it was awesome! Chris Nathan was the perfect opener for Edwin McCain at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury, MA! We can’t wait to start hearing him on the radio. No doubt, it will happen. I’m just happy we heard him first! And with one of the greats like Edwin McCain! What a perfect night!

The Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salsibury, MA is a treat to see a show! It’s situated right on the edge of the ocean shore. When we arrived, we could feel the ocean mist on our faces and hear the waves lapping against the sand. It was magical outside and just got better as we entered inside. They cleverly have you enter in through the gift shop and in to the theater.

The venue is relaxed, classy, and every seat is a winner. Ours were some of the best! We were near center stage and the second row of tables. No need to crick our necks and we were so close we were able to get some awesome photos and videos

I was able to get a couple really good videos of Chris Nathan. This one is Come Natural and I love the rhythm of it. Made me want to get up and dance!

He really got the audience pumped up and ready for Edwin McCain. And Edwin was out of this world good! I’m so happy we got to see him. Bill has seen him about a dozen times but this was my first. And I know it won’t be my last time. Here are a couple of our favorite songs of his:

Gramercy Park Hotel is Bill’s all time favorite:

I’ll Be is my all time favorite:

The concert lasted about 2 hours and we both felt it was a very full concert. In addition to the concert, the establishment was upscale. The wait staff brought drinks and food right to the table, the bathrooms were clean with no lines, and the place was overall clean. Who could ask for more?!?

After the concert, we walked along the beach in the dark and when we looked back at the Blue Ocean Music Hall, the waves were beautiful, capping in the starry night. We can’t wait to see another concert there! We thought The Boston House of Blues when we saw Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth and Blues Traveler was awesome (and it was) but this place has a feel of it’s own.

For all of our pictures of that night, check us out on Facebook.

For all of our videos, check us out on YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “Edwin McCain & Chris Nathan Rock Blue Ocean Music Hall”

  1. sounds like you had one of those magical experiences that every concert goer hopes and prays for when they buy their tickets. and this blue ocean music hall sounds like a treat no matter who is performing there. I bet it would even be good for a comedy night. thanks for sharing, max

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