Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Devil's Tower and American Flag

The first day in the midwest we took off on #motorcycles from Deadwood, SD to #DevilsTower in Wyoming. The ride on motorcycle was spectacular as we wound down through Spearfish Canyon and made our way to Devil’s Tower.

Spearfish Canyon South Dakota
Spearfish Canyon South Dakota
Wyoming Countryside
Wyoming Countryside goes on and on and on… and on.

The first stop was in Hulett Wyoming. Normally the population is under 400 but on the day we were there, there were thousands of people lining the one main street. We had a bit of fun there, looking at the antique shop that drew us in with their clever casket display outside the old saloon looking building and trying some BBQ.

Wayward Wanderers entering Wyoming
The Wayward Wanderers, Bill Walsh and Christina Gammon, entering in to Wyoming.
Main St Hullet Wyoming
The streets of Hulett, Wyoming lined with motorcycles.
Main Street in Hulett Wyoming
Rogues Gallery on Main Street in Hulett Wyoming has a great sense of humor!

After Hulett, it was straight to Devil’s Tower. What an amazing country we live in! It’s so vast and mouth dropping with it’s various formations. In the middle of no where, there it is. Pushing up from the ground. We found out it’s not a mountain. Instead the ground around it has eroded and it is a volcanic plug, hard and resistance to the erosion. As we walked around it, reading the various information plaques, we gained a new respect for it and those few we saw climbing it.

Devil's Tower Wyoming
Approaching Devil’s Tower you can see for miles and miles
Devil's Tower and American Flag
A cool shot of Devil’s Tower and the American Flag
Climbing Devil's Tower
These few climbers are about half way up Devil’s Tower. Respect!

On our way down from Devil’s Tower, our fearless leader pulled over suddenly. We never noticed on our way up to Devil’s Tower but when we stopped we saw the CUTEST prairie dogs everywhere. It was a first for both of us.

Prairie Dog at the base of Devil's Tower
Prairie Dog at the base of Devil’s Tower is as curious as we are

You just never know what you are going to see when you are wandering with us, especially during Sturgis motorcycle week. When we stopped at Cattle Kate’s Cafe at the base of Devil’s Tower we ran in to these guys and it made Bill’s day!

Blues Brothers at Devils Tower
The Blues Brothers at Devil’s Tower!

What a wonderful first day of Sturgis motorcycle rally.

Have you been to Devil’s Tower before? What did you think?


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