Deadwood, South Dakota

Bill and Chris entering Deadwood

There is no mistaking Deadwood South Dakota for anything but Deadwood, South Dakota. All you need to do is look up at the hills that surround the town to see the dead wood. So many trees broken off and dying, It’s sort of sad to see the hills lifeless. BUT when you venture in to the town of Deadwood, especially during Sturgis Motorcycle Rally week, there is LIFE everywhere.

Dead trees in Deadwood South Dakota
Dead wood on the hilltops entering Deadwood South Dakota

Like everywhere during the 75th Annual  Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the main streets were littered with motorcycles.

Motorcycles on Main Stree in Deadwood
Motorcycle Mania!

We explored Deadwood very briefly on our trip but were both curious about it for the following facts about Deadwood South Dakota:

  1. Wild Bill Hickok was a famous gunslinger who was shot in the back at Saloon No. 10
  2. The hand of cards Wild Bill Hickok was holding is known as the “Dead Man’s Hand”
  3. Population now is under 2000 but during the Black Hills Gold Rush it swelled to 5000 people. This was in the 1800’s
  4. Known as a “lawless” town and was taken from the Indians
  5. A great fire devastated the town and gambling was legalized as a way to bring back revenue

You know these Wayward Wanderers, we love crazy and wild stuff!

Bill and Chris entering Deadwood
My wild Bill and I entering Deadwood
Historic Wild Bill Hickok location
Wild Bill feeling for the loss of Wild Bill Hickok

One of the people we are on this trip with had been to Deadwood and Saloon No. 10 before. His recollection of the Chernobyl Shots there were that they were pleasantly hot. What we all found was that they were extremely painful. The reason we did not explore much of Deadwood is because these shots (one each) DID US IN. Seriously. Within minutes of having the shot we all found ourselves outside, unable to escape the pain inside our bellies. I’ve never seen someone actually turn the color green. I know now it’s not just a saying…

Chernobyl shot at Saloon No. 10
Chernobyl shot at Saloon No. 10 in Deadwood South Dakota. You’ll wish you were dead after one of those!
After the Chernobyl Shot at Saloon No. 10
Bill after the Chernobyl shot at Saloon No. 10

Have you ever had a Chernobyl shot or anything like it? What was your experience?



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