Copley Square: Boston’s Originals

BostonWe have really come to love Boston as our wanderings take us around to different parts of the city. This visit landed us in the middle of Copley Square, the Back Bay area of Boston. Surrounded by so much history and beauty, we found ourselves thinking we could be citizens of Boston. The more time we spend in the city, we start to put our internal maps together…

The walk on the Charles River Esplanade seemed like a private part of the city, miles away from anything but the river, but this journey helped us put it all in to perspective. As we viewed Boston from a bird’s eye view from the Skywalk Observatory, we recognized many attractions we have visited in the past. I think this dawning was special to both of us.

This trip to Boston was as different as the last. There’s always a new destination in mind. This time, we started out searching for Copley Place, a shopping center in Boston. I am so happy our bellies sent us in search of food before reaching the shopping center! Instead of shopping we found ourselves smack dab in Copley Square! And at Boloco… one word…



Approaching the city, we see The Prudential and signs for Copley Square. Excitement bubbles up inside this country girl as it always does! I LOVE my life and the wanderings I share with my amazing other half.

The Prudential in Boston

Parking is always trying in Boston, especially if you are looking for on street parking. We went around the block a couple times so I had plenty of opportunities to capture this picture. It’s one of my favorites of the entire trip. It’s the Trinity Church on Clarendon Street in Copley Square with the John Hancock building in the background. We gave up on street parking eventually and parked underneath a building we remember passing through once when we were in the city for the Celtic Sojourn. Imagine our surprise when the elevator doors opened and we stepped out in to the lobby we had wandered through just the month before!  Trinity Church with John Hancock Building

Old South Church is one of the oldest churches in Boston dating back to 1875! It’s located at 645 Boylston Street and some people that have been members of this church are Samuel Adams and Benjamin Franklin! This church is often known as the “New” Old South Church as it is the third church this congregation has joined in. The congregation itself was formed in 1669 and met in two other locations before building this church.

Inside Old South Church in Boston

Just across the street is Boston Public Library that was built in 1895. This was one of our favorite spots. Since I studied Information & Library Science in college, of course I was enthralled by it’s size and culture! Even the entrance offers a sense of grandeur!

Boston Public Library

I love the massiveness of this room and how the green of the table lights stand out! Don’t forget to look up for that ceiling detail. I am in love with this room and when we were inside it, thoughts of returning to college entered my mind… but only for a minute.

Main study area of Boston Public Library

Make sure when you visit the library to check out the map section. The painting on the steps is neat! As is the man sitting on the steps.

Bill Walsh being stylish at the entrance of the map section of the library

After the library we attempted to go in to the John Hancock building but learned it was closed for tours since 911. So, after a walk through Copley Center, we went to the next tallest lookout spot in Boston. If you are in Boston during the winter it’s good to know you can walk all the way to The Prudential without going outside. As temperatures dropped, we were happy for this realization on our way back!

The Prudential, the shopping area, and the elevator are all a wonderful experience. The elevator whirrs with sounds of wind as you make your way to the 50th floor to the Skywalk Observatory. I didn’t admit it, but my heart beat quickened a little… and then we stepped off the elevator and I was blown away by the views!

Birds eye view of the Charles River Esplanade
Looking down on the Charles River Esplanade. Read our blog post about Things to Do on the Charles River Esplanade in Boston


Charles River Esplanade
Another view of the Charles River.


MIT Campus in Cambridge
A view of MITs Campus in Cambridge, across the Charles River
Birds Eye view of Copley Square
Looking down on the sites we saw in Copley Square: John Hancock Building, Trinity Church, Boston Public Library, Old South Church


The Prudential Skywalk Observatory
The Wayward Wanderers at The Prudential Skywalk Observatory

Our first exploration around Copley Square was a great time! It was a little cold but so much to see! For the rest of our pictures, see our photo album on Facebook!

After this we went to jail! Really, we spent the night in jail… To Be Continued…

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