Cars, parks, and meat: perfect day of exploring Massachusetts

10264634_10202964296563991_4354010642258899410_nAnother weekend with no plans but that didn’t last long. Bill surprised me with a new claddagh ring AND one for himself! This made me the happiest girl in Nashua, NH.


Time to celebrate this commitment! We went to Estabrook Grill in downtown Nashua for dinner. You can’t beat that place! Once a casket factory, this restaurant is housed in a retirement home and offers affordable and delicious meals. I know that sounds odd but it’s been redone tastefully and is beautiful inside. The picture to the left is of a building near there. I loved it’s symbolism and is why I decided to share it. After all, peace is what we all seek…  See other photos from this weekend adventure on Facebook.

We had a few LivingSocial Deals backed up of activities we wanted to do so the next day we decided to take a little trip to Brookline, Massachusetts to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. Basically, Isabella, the wife to Larz, was loaded. She inherited her money from her grandfather at the age of 5 and owned 3 homes. Must have been nice! Her husband, Larz loved automobiles and with each new one, he would add it to his collection, keeping every one he owned. Some of them dated back to 1905! This collection is the oldest one in America!


Not only was the area where the vehicles are stored nice but all around the property was beautiful. The weather was particularly warm that day and after the long winter, we were longing to be outside. It was the perfect setting as we strolled up the hill to where the house once stood. Sadly it burned years ago but the view was awesome! In the distance we could see the Prudential building!


This day was one of the best days of my life… I’m sure you will hear that from me a thousand more times. Hmmm, I’d rather have too many “best” days than not have any. There were so many picturesque moments. Below are a couple of them. But some couldn’t be captured, like when we went in to the wedding tent and acted like we were just checking on how the venue was shaping up or how we lounged on a bench, watching the planes race above us at the peaceful park surrounding the peaceful pond. Yeah, all of that at this little spot in Brookline, Massachusetts!



Next we headed to Framingham, Massachusetts for some MEAT! Mmmmm! I love Brazilian steakhouses! It just keeps coming and coming and coming! It’s neat how they give you the little pegs with one side green and one side red. Some places have cards but we had these little wooden pegs pictured to the right at the Tropical Café (ANOTHER Living Social!) The trick, I figured out, is to stick to meat. If you fill up on the salads and rice, there is no room to sample all the delicious meats. Lamb, steak, chicken, sausage… you name it, they bring it! So FULLLLLL!

What a perfect way to end a day out exploring! We started back home slowly, enjoying the ride together, feeling satisfied in every way, not a care in the world…

On the way, Bill noticed a sign to Sudbury, Mass. which got him thinking about this romantic stop he’d been to before and off we went! I’m so happy we did too! It was a spot out of the 1800’s and I felt like any minute Shakespeare was going to pop out of the woods to greet us.

Longfellow’s Wayside Inn was built in 1716 by David Howe. It’s had a few different names and with each new owner and era, it’s been added to and changed a little. There were three things that stood out for me about this place: 1.) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow often stayed there and was inspired to write The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere because of it. 2.) Henry Ford purchased it and built a fully functioning Grist Mill and the Martha-Mary Chapel both still standing up the road from this (to follow) and 3.) George Washington stayed at this inn many times! So much history and character! And it just kept getting better.

After wandering through the inn and discovering places Bill didn’t know we were allowed… (oh Bill, places are meant to be explored!) we continued up the road. Bill said he had a surprise for me…

1908262_10202964313884424_1645806432251245479_nAs we walked up the road, surrounded by gigantic old oak trees and a babbling brook to our left, the long ago past danced around us. I felt alive and in love with life!

Up ahead, was the Martha-Mary Chapel, sitting high on the hill. As we approached we noticed, to our surprise, there was a wedding happening! God places us in the most perfect places! Just as we approached, the happily married couple came out of the church, hopped in to a horse drawn carriage and headed off to begin their “happily ever after”. Well, they actually were headed down the road to the grist mill for some photo ops… It was all so magical! Our pictures won’t do it justice but you can view all of them on Facebook.


We looked around the grist mill, discovered a nice lake, explored the grounds a bit more and took a peak inside the church on our way back to the car. Ah, what a great spur of the moment stop!


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