Cannon Mountain NH: Living on the Edge

Edge of Cannon Mountain in Franconia New HampshireLiving on the edge is an understatement! Cannon Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire proved to be an exciting, dangerous, and breathtaking experience for us. As we rode up the tram, I prayed to God, “Please let us reach the top without these delicate cables springing apart and us plummeting to our deaths. Thanks a bunch!”

When we left the Flume Gorge, we headed just a couple miles up the road to the base of Cannon Mountain. My foolish family decided we should ride the Aerial Tramway to the Summit of Cannon Mountain and I went along with it. Crazy!

We waited in line with about 80 other people. Just between us, I was irritated thinking we would have to wait forever to get on this trip. And then I was FREAKED OUT!!!! when I realized ALL 80 OF US were going to board the tram and go to the top. Yeah right! Like this massive vessel would hold all of us just by these tiny cables attached to it. Goodbye world, it’s been great!

I didn’t want to seem like a scaredy-cat though in front of the love of my life so I boarded with the rest…

The ride took about 15 minutes to carry us up to the 4,080-foot summit. They were the longest 15 minutes of my life, but…

They. Were. Worth. It.

Once on top, feet firmly planted on the ground, we took the little Rim Trail Loop around. As you can see in my picture at the beginning of this post and others on Facebook, I am not afraid of heights if my feet are on the ground and I am in control. The views were gorgeous as we looked out on forever. The Rim Trail was easy enough to make our way around. Even a man with oxygen was attempting the loop until his companion told him firmly, “No!” I think he could have made it though.

About half way around is a tower that allows a 360° view. Well worth the added steps up! Here are some of our pictures from the day:

Where are you from sign at the base of Cannon Mountain
The sign at the base of Cannon Mountain
Pano view from top of Cannon Mountain New Hampshire
Pano view from top of Cannon Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire
Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway departing the summit
Aerial Tramway departing the summit of Cannon Mountain
View from Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway
View from the summit while in aerial tram
Half way down Cannon Mountain on the aerial tramway
Half way down Cannon Mountain
Echo Lake from the Cannon Mountain Tramway
Echo Lake from the Cannon Mountain Tramway

It was an awesome experience. And once we were back on the ground, I could appreciate it for what it was. Nature rocks! And so do I for embracing my fears! There is no other feeling quite like that accomplishment!

Has there ever been a time you’ve embraced your fears and taken charge? I’d love to hear!

See all our photos from Cannon Mountain.

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4 thoughts on “Cannon Mountain NH: Living on the Edge”

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  2. I rode the Cannon Mountain Tram many years ago when I was a kid on a Franconia Notch camping trip. It was windy and I still remember the terror of my mother’s friend, who kept groaning, “We are going to die, we are all going to die.”

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