Boston House of Blues: Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, and Blues Traveler

10564759_10202785223457581_1968699903_n What a concert and evening last night was! Four really awesome bands performed last night at the Boston House of Blues. Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth and Blues Traveler out did themselves at this unique and small venue!


Everything about the night was new to both Bill and I. Even the ride in to Boston was a different way than normal. We went through a great little town, Wellington, MA and didn’t hit any rush hour traffic.


We found parking near by, got there with a half hour to spare and enjoyed the short wait until the doors opened. I’d never been near Fenway Park so it was exciting to be waiting outside of the House of Blues across the street from the entrance! The photo to the left was our view directly in front of us. The Prudential building really stands out with a perfect summer evening sky behind it!


Once inside, we wandered up 3 flights of stairs to the top floor and were escorted to our seats on the balcony. I thought it was nice to not have to search for our seats. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway because we never sat in them. Instead we watched the entire show from the balcony with an unobstructed view of the show. Incredible! Below is a panoramic of the Boston House of Blues from where we stood for the entire show.


The first band to play is my favorite, Uncle Kracker. He played all the favorites and a few I didn’t know as well. Next was Sugar Ray who really used the entire stage. Then Smash Mouth and Blues Traveler closed. I think they all did a good job and I would definitely see them again.


A couple of interesting things took place while we were at the concert. We became friends with a lady sitting next to us. I’m actually friends with her on Facebook now. It was fun to chat with her and the others near us. Everyone was so friendly!


10554935_10202785917074921_892130577_nWhile we were talking, we noticed how packed the main floor was and I noticed a guy in the front row. He’s in the red t-shirt in the photo to the right and is directly in front of Sugar Ray.


I said something like, “How cool would that be to be so close?!?” And then I said, “I bet I could work my way up there…” Well, Bill and our new friend Mary had their doubts and of course, I had to prove them wrong…


10568701_10202785913674836_1891166635_nSo off I went. Down three flights of stairs and in to the sea of people. I made it to the front in less than 10 minutes! Well, almost to the front. I reached a barrier of rude people that would not let me pass. I even pleaded it would be a picture for my blog, Wayward Wanderers, but they didn’t care. I understand. I’m sure they had so many people push their way past. To the left is the picture I took of red t-shirt guy proving how close I was…

One way
In the eyes of a passerby
I look around for another try
And fade away     

So I faded away, back through the crowd, up the three flights of stairs to my balcony where people were friendly. 🙂


After the concert, we grabbed a pizza and wandered around until the wee hours of the morning. Ah, what a great night! And it was worth the extreme fatigue I am experiencing today!


For all of our pictures from the night, visit Wayward Wanderers photo album!




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