5 Places in Provincetown to Avoid with your 83 Year Old Mother

Piano found on the beach in Provincetown

Lip Schtick on the main street in Provincetown MassProvincetown, MA, the furthest tip of Cape Cod is an awesome place to visit! SO MUCH to see and do and they really push the envelope there. Bill’s 83 year old mother is still digesting what she saw.


We were staying at another awesome house Bill’s sister found through VRBO.com in Orleans, MA, just about an hour from P-Town and on Saturday we set off for some excitement for our senses. What a difference between the smaller, sleepier Orleans to Provincetown! And with an 83 year old woman, well, my blushing was at an all time high. What a blast!


The ride in was a little slow as it’s the spot to go on the Cape and traffic was backed up but we snuck off the main Route 6 and opted for a prettier ride on 6A along the coast. FYI, it might not be faster in the summer but early Fall it’s ideal!


There is so much to see in Provincetown, but these are the 5 things you may want to avoid with children. Bill and I can’t wait to go back with less sensory…


  1. adult toy store sign in Provincetown MA on Cape CodWindow displays. There are some awesome displays of candies, flowers, jewelry, toys… some toys aren’t meant for children though. If there is a sign like the one to the right above the door, it’s probably best to stay out of it.
  2. Figurines on shelves. Really neat antique shops are scattered along the streets of Provincetown. In them are great finds like old jewelry and plates and the such. However, there may be the occasional naked sculpture lying around. I don’t mind such art but it can catch a youngster… or elderly off guard.
  3. R-Rated Chocolate Shops. Do I need to say more about these? Of course I do! They offer G rated chocolates too but anything goes in PTown…
  4. Novelty Head Shops. Again, do I need to elaborate? They are what they are folks…
  5. Hit or miss in the streets. In the streets you can see so many walks of life. I love going to Provincetown just for people watching. This trip we were lucky to see the performer in the photo at the beginning of this post, Lip Schtick, several times in the streets, peddling a bicycle up and down to raise awareness for the upcoming show that evening. The drag show, something I’ve never seen, looks like an awesome time and I hope to catch it next summer! I’ve read reviews and apparently, it’s quite an experience!


Tie dye dog on Commercial Street in Provincetown MAGood word of advice if you need to sensor the trip for those who might not be ready for all Provincetown has to offer:  enter an establishment before the people you are with do. From cupcake shops to bars to flower stores you just never know what you might find in Provincetown. It’s a free way to live there and I love it, but some eyes might not be ready or prepared for what they find.


His mom said she’d love to go back! Provincetown is full of life, love, and laughter. Like any place, we always find so much to wander around and explore.


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5 thoughts on “5 Places in Provincetown to Avoid with your 83 Year Old Mother”

      1. We stayed in Eastham and loved it. It’s right on the bike path and Coast Guard Beach and Nauset Beach are nearby. Be sure to check out the seals on the southern end of Coast Guard beach at low tide (we did a blog post on them).

  1. Hello! I am Scarbie the bike riding performer in your blog. Thanks for the lovely photo and reference in your entry. I see you have read reviews of my show, thank you. I conceived and wrote Lip-Schtick as entertainment for ALL ages. It has an autobiographical “gay” theme, but I get audiences from the little ones, teens, adults and seniors and everyone leaves feeling included and entertained. So, maybe bring your lovely 83, now 84 year old mother and have a great Ptown show! Next time you are on the Cape stop by and say hello. Best wishes. Scarb.

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