1 D & 5SOS were the only direction at Gillette Stadium this past weekend!

imagesLast night, August 9, 2014, One Direction was the only direction at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. What a crazy amount of screaming young girls and I was one of them! Everywhere you looked there was a One Directioner wearing their love on their clothing or in their hair. It was great! To be a young teen again, so in love with your idols.


Gillette stadium has never had so many people their in love with so many young men. 10 performers rocking the stadium! I could feel the risers on the Putnam Club Seating level move as the crowds went crazy. I don’t think a single person was sitting, especially as the night continued on…

5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS), a pop rock band from Sidney Australia, opened for 1D. They had an epic performance! Some songs included in their line up and some of my favorites were Amnesia and She Looks So Perfect.

Where would we be without technology? 5SOS got their start only 3 years ago when their YouTube videos went viral. The music wasn’t even theirs but instead well known artists like Chris Brown. In fact when they released their first album they promoted it only via Facebook and Twitter. They go their big break, however, when One Direction took them under their wing. Some members of 1D tweeted about 5 Seconds of Summer and the rest was history. It’s all it took for them to be well on their way.


Now that I watched their performance, I can see why. They are good looking, great singers and have a nice presence over all. Their humor was noticed several times during their set. My favorite was when they introduced themselves with false names. They definitely got the audience pumped up and ready for One Direction.


One Direction was one of the best shows I’ve seen. They opened with fireworks so you know it’s going to be a good show! They have come so far in their careers in just a few short years. Four years to be exact. It’s because they’ve got what it takes adn this show brought that home for me. I’ve never seen so many girls at one concert. It must have been a 4 to 5 ratio and I think most of the males there were dad’s bringing their daughters.


Honestly, though, Gillette Stadium is so big, it’s hard to see the stage so the big screens are important. 5 Seconds of Summer were on the screens all the time. One Direction relied on graphics and video too much so those that couldn’t see the stage got less of a show, in my opinion. They were still great but we didn’t get the looks in…


Some of my favorite 1D songs they performed were You & I, Little Things, and of course What Makes You Beautiful and Story of My Life. We knew when they walked away the concert wasn’t done because they hadn’t performed Story of My Life or You & I yet. When you have hits as big as those, they NEED to be played!


Overall, this concert was amazing! The only thing I would have changed had to do with Gillette Stadium and our time there. It’s such a big place with thousands of people. It took us a couple hours to go 3 miles to our hotel! Next time, I’ll have my tips for Gillette Stadium in place!

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